Kamis, 05 April 2012

Lirik Lagu Shinhwa Re-Love

Is love something you want to forget but keeps rising?
Is it a pain that you can’t express with words like a scary dream?

Your heart has scars from love like a small child who is afraid
I understand because whenever I met someone, I was like that too

* It’s okay to love again, don’t doubt your feelings
Your pounding heart knows that it wants me
It’s a dry, cracked and careful love but oh baby
Don’t be afraid, I will protect it so it will never break apart

Baby, don’t worry, relax – the scars you experienced
You won’t ever go through that again – I’ll risk my entire life
Take it slow make it fast – if you feel danger, don’t go fast
So you can love once more, take one more chance

Love is like a piece of ice that is driven in your heart
Though the seasons change, it doesn’t melt down and it hurts you

I want to embrace your heart, the deep love that you hid for a while till now
I can feel it, more than anyone, because I love you

* repeat

I’m a foolish guy so I can make you cry but
I won’t ever leave your side even for a moment
All the times you cried over love have taught you the meaning of love
If only you protect our love that is about to start anew


There’s no need to rush, our lives have been different for a long time
I didn’t know what you wanted – tell me what you think
Don’t worry, I’m here – don’t be afraid, I’m right here
Don’t be lonely, throw your worries far away – you ma lovely

It’s okay to love again (oh baby yee), don’t doubt your feelings (don’t doubt)
Your pounding heart (oh my love) knows that it wants me
It’s a dry, cracked (dry and cracked) and careful love but (oh be~) oh baby
Don’t be afraid (don’t be afraid), I will protect it so it will never break apart

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